The S.L.A.A. Los Angeles Writer’s Group

The S.L.A.A.’s Los Angeles Writer’s Group is working on two exciting literature projects: the Daily Meditation book project, and the 12-Step workbook project and you can help! Read below for more information on each project and offer your submissions via the webform at the end of this page. You can also pass the message along when you download and print the Writers Group flyer for distribution at your local meetings. For more information email You can participate in several ways:

  • By calling 707-901-7522 and listening to the instructions


  • Attending the monthly writer’s group meeting on the second Sunday of the month at Cafe Tropical in Silverlake at Cafe Tropical, 2900 W. Sunset Blvd., 90026, immediately following the Intergroup meeting at approximately 2:00pm.


  • Send an email to:


picture of the Daily Meditation book projectDaily Meditation Book Project

Daily Meditation book project needs shares (100-150 word count) on any theme of your choice for all 365 days of the month. You may submit shares directly through the contact form on the webpage or through the email, both listed above. For a list of suggested themes and examples, please send a request via email. Contribute your original writing to this project so we may finish our first draft and ask your sponsees to write as well! This is an easy, enjoyable and meaningful way to be of service!

picture of the 12 Step workbookS.L.A.A. 12-Steps Workbook

S.L.A.A. 12-Steps Workbook project is requesting information from our members in concise terms how you worked the Steps of S.L.A.A. with your sponsor. This is not a request for personal shares or writing contributions, only information about the exact ways S.L.A.A. members have worked the Steps, including writing assignments with any specific questions to answer, and all other examples of sponsor direction.


Submit your shares, stories, solutions, comments, questions or suggestions about any one of the above projects by sending an email to