Webmaster Report 11-12-2017

1) The LA Intergroup website, slaalosangeles.org is a great place to find information and resources for the recovering sex and love addict.  It contains:

  • List of current meetings and new meetings
  • Intergroup meeting notes, Intergroup service manual
  • Order form for literature
  • Information service opportunities on Conference Committees
  • Flyers for new meetings and events
  • Information about The Journal magazine subscriptions and QOTD
  • Information about Annual Business Meeting
  • Downloadable meeting list, bottom line, meeting and event flyers

2) Last month:

We had 3254 users and 8619 unique page views to the website

We received about about 59 total emails, 4 requesting information about the program

The website had >99% uptime, 2 outages, totaling about 32 mins

3) “Anyone who would like to have flyers posted on the website (announcements of meetings, events, projects, etc.), please send me a message through the contact form at slaalosangeles.org/contact.”

Completed Last Month:

To Do This Month:

  • Fix display on mobile devices
  • Post New ISM updates when completed (from Diane)?


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