Ordering Literature

NOTICE: Due to L.A.’s “Safer at Home” response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we do not currently have a way to supply physical copies of literature. Individuals and Groups can purchase literature from our parent organization, Fellowship-wide Services (F.W.S.) store.slaafws.org

The S.L.A.A. Basic Text Book can be ordered through F.W.S. on Amazon.com in both paperback and e-book formats!

There are audio options on the F.W.S. website as well: Audio Recovery

We also have these free, digital copies available for download in PDF format:

      Newcomer’s Packet
      Addicted to Sex? Addicted to Love?
      For the Professional – Information on S.L.A.A.

These S.L.A.A. Core Documents may also be helpful:
      Characteristics of Sex and Love Addiction
      Signs of Recovery
      40 Questions