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Experience S.L.A.A.’s meeting in print! the Journal is a bimonthly publication prepared by members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, and distributed by S.L.A.A. Fellowship Wide Services (in San Antonio, TX.)

This valuable recovery tool offers personal stories, writings on important recovery topics, poetry and humor, as well as Fellowship announcements and event listings. Writings are submitted by members and others interested in sex and love addiction. Issues of the Journal are mailed to you in a sealed envelope displaying only the “mail to” information and our return address. Or, subscribe to the Digital version!

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Question of the Day

Be a part of the Journal! In every issue the Journal asks a question.  Submit your answer for the “Question of the Day” and it might be chosen for publication in the next issue. Also, we are collecting suggestions for new themes for next year’s Journal issues. We’d love to hear your ideas!

The Journal is now accepting short shares and articles for theme #184:

“Living Alone to Moving In.” Download the flyer (pdf)
to distribute at meetings. Submissions are due by March 15th.

Have you gone from living alone to moving in with a partner? Please share about the challenges you faced and how you dealt with them and/or any special stories about moving in.

Journal Question of the Day Instructions (pdf). Submissions can be given to your meeting’s Intergroup Representative or brought to the Intergroup Meeting.  (Contributors waive their rights to compensation in association with their written response and grant full copyright to The Augustine Fellowship, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc.)

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The Journal audiobooks are here! Get your meeting in a magazine on the go! Listen to messages of recovery while jogging, sitting in traffic or on an airplane.  The Journal back issues are on mp3.

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Journal Poetry Focus Booklet

The Journal poetry issue is here!  The perfect gift for your sponsees and friends! 48 full color pages!  23 poems written by S.L.A.A. members from the Journal archives!  Photography from S.L.A.A. members! Only $5!  All proceeds to benefit F.W.S.  Order yours at

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FYI – Single Journal Issues

The LA Intergroup has two subscriptions to the Journal, and those 2 copies of each issue are available for purchase by individuals or meetings. Please come to the monthly Intergroup meeting (or send your meeting’s Intergroup Rep), and ask at the literature table.  You can also find out more about Intergroup meetings here.

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Journal Flyer

Join other S.L.A.A fellows on the anonymous Journal Newsletter email list.

The Journal Newsletter sends out monthly emails about how you can help the Journal:

  • Question of the day flyers with deadlines for submissions
  • Call for article submissions on various topics
  • Journal announcements

Please take this flyer to your meetings and return it to the Journal Representative at the Intergroup meeting, or through the contact page (all email addresses will be kept confidential).