Intergroup Information

Being of service is one of the most important tools in our recovery, keeping us coming back and remaining sober. The Los Angeles Intergroup (IG) usually meets the second Sunday of each month, at Rio de Los Angeles State Park State Recreation Area: 1900 N. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065, from 12:00-1:45pm. (map) 

The next LA Intergroup meeting is on January 14th 2018, at 12:00pm

IG Officers and IG Meeting Representatives from individual meetings meet to exchange information and vote on motions to support our fellowship and reach out to the addict who still suffers. If you missed the last IG Meeting, the following information is available for IG representatives to download.

Meeting Contributions

After a Group’s regular expenses are met (rent, literature and prudent reserve funds), remaining amounts may be distributed to the local Intergroup, which funds many services as listed below.

  • Maintaining telephone service for calls and inquiries
  • Facilitating S.L.A.A. literature sales to local groups
  • Coordinating workshops and special events
  • Publishing newsletters and local meeting lists
  • Maintaining the website
  • Funding delegates costs for attendance at the F.W.S. Annual Business Meeting
  • Responding to local public information requests

For more information see Supporting S.L.A.A. the 60/40 way (pdf)

Intergroup Documentation

Here is the S.L.A.A. Los Angeles Intergroup Service Manual (pdf).

The Journal Question Of The Day

The Journal QOTD 171 Due January 15th, 2018 (pdf)
The Journal Question of the Day Instructions for Intergroup Representatives (pdf)
The Journal Upcoming Topics and Deadlines (pdf)
The Journal Subscription Card (pdf)

Pending Intergroup Motions

Resolved Intergroup Motions

  • Motion to post recommended process for service positions at meetings in bottom line – failed 07-09-2017
  • Motion to create a new position for Meeting Registrar – passed 06-11-2017
  • Motion to add meeting size to meeting list – failed 06-11-2017
  • Motion to create a Voluntary Speaker List officer position with voting privileges – passed 02-05-2017
  • Motion to create a new position for Assistant Webmaster – passed 11-13-2016
  • Motion to create a new position for Assistant Bottom Line Editor – passed 11-13-2016
  • Motion to have the Bottom Line editor maintain a meeting contact list (with names and phone numbers) – passed 08-14-2016
  • Motion to submit the Draft SLAA Workbook at the ABM as “Accepted by LA Intergroup” – passed 07-10-2016
  • Motion to give outgoing Treasurer “eyes only” access to monitor money and account activity for 6 months – passed 05-15-2016
  • Motion to create a Social Committee to organize and hold social events as part of SLAA Los Angeles. – passed 05-15-2016
  • Motion to provide/ship 20 newcomer packets and 30 bottom lines by June 3rd for Speaker event in Greater Delaware Valley – passed 05-15-2016
  • Motion to Create a task force to guide incorporation of SLAA Los Angeles Intergroup – passed 03-13-2016
  • Motion for Intergroup to pay $470.00 for the 4 ABM Delegates to attend the 40th Anniversary IRC – passed 03-13-2016
  • Motion to start the Intergroup meeting at 12:15PM instead of 12:30PM with literature purchases starting at 12:00PM – passed 03-13-2016
  • Motion to create and elect a new Sponsorship Committee Conduit position – passed 02-14-2016
  • Motion to approve $250 in funding to cover ongoing expenses for the H&I Committee – passed 02-14-2016
  • Motion to make the Literature Committee Conduit a voting position – passed 10-11-2015
  • Include Intergroup meeting minutes in the Bottom Line – passed 8-9-2015.
  • Create an Assistant Treasurer position – passed 8-9-2015.
  • The UPDATED 30 SECONDS OF SILENCE LANGUAGE PROPOSAL (pdf) – passed on 7-12-2015.

Submit a Motion to Intergroup

If you would like to submit a motion to the Secretary of the LA Intergroup to be voted on, you may do that with the form below. You can type the motion into the message field below, or send it as an attachment.

*** Note that submitting a motion via this form is not a guarantee that it will be processed. We suggest that you verify that the Secretary has received your motion by contacting him or asking before the meeting. ***

*** Also note that you must attend (or send a proxy to) the Intergroup meeting to have your motion voted on. ***

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,xls,xlsx,odf.
Maximum file size: 5mb.

Intergroup Meeting Notes

Intergroup Meeting Notes for December 10, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for November 12, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for October 08, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for September 10, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for August 13, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for July 9, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for June 11, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for May 7, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for April 9, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for March 12, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for February 5, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Meeting Notes for January 8, 2017 (pdf)

Intergroup Financial Reports

Intergroup Cash Summary Report for Q3, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Cash Summary Report for Q2, 2017 (pdf)
Intergroup Cash Summary Report for Q1, 2017 (pdf)

Intergroup Officers 2018

(as of 12/10/17)

Journal Representative –> Kirsten C.
Literature Administrator –> Desiree C.
Literature Assistant –> Marza P.
Literature Copier –> Erica S.
Mail Clerk –> Gene S.
Meeting Registrar –> Christina H.
Phone Line –> Max B.
Record Keeper –> Kevin E.
Secretary –> Michael K.
Speakers List Keeper –> Chris C.
The Bottom Line Editor –> Maureen R.
Treasurer –> Dave G.
Assistant Treasurer –> Lituo H.
Webmaster –> Diane H.
Assistant Webmaster –> Scott S.
Workshops and Retreats –> Newell F.
H&I LA Committee Chair –> Trudy
CLC Conduit –> Lynda L.
CSPC Conduit –> (open)
CTC Conduit –> (open)

ABM Delegates and Alternates

(as of 12/10/2017)

2-yr term ABM delegate (through 2019) –> Christina H.
2-yr term ABM delegate (through 2019) –> Kirsten C.
1-yr term ABM delegate (through 2018) –> (open)
1-yr term ABM delegate (through 2018) –> Tia R.
2-yr term ABM alternate (through 2019) –> (open)
1-yr term ABM alternate (through 2018) –> Lituo H.