Intergroup Positions & Elections

NOTE: All Intergroup positions have been filled for 2020.

Intergroup Officers 2020

(as of 2/09/20)

Bottom Line Editor –> Nicholas S.
Journal Representative –> Glen F.
Literature Administrator –> Desiree C.
Literature Assistant –> Geffen S.
Literature Copier –> Nick D.
Mail Clerk –> Steve S.
Meeting Registrar –> Jayk G.
Phone Line –> Fabiana F.
Record Keeper –> Max C.
Secretary –> Dave G.
Speakers List Keeper –> Kevin E.
Treasurer –> Julie M.
Assistant Treasurer –> Katya C.
Webmaster –> Diane H.
I.G. Meeting Setup –> (open)

LA Intergroup Committees:

Workshops and Retreats –> Beau
J&T Committee Chair –> Glenn S.
Social Committee Chair –> (open)

F.W.S. Conference Committee Conduits:

Conference Literature Committee (CLC) Conduit –> Carol S.
Conference Diversity Committee (CDC) Conduit –> Manuel
Conference Sponsorship Committee (CSPC) Conduit –> Chris
Conference Translation Committee (CTC) Conduit –> Dana
Conference Steps, Traditions & Concepts Committee (CSTCC) Conduit –> Jayk G.

ABM Delegates and Alternates

(as of 2/9/20)

2-yr term ABM delegate (through 2022) –> Jayk G.
2-yr term ABM delegate (through 2022) –> Glenn S.
1-yr term ABM alternate (through 2020) –> Julie M.
1-yr term ABM alternate (through 2020) –> Diane H.

Los Angeles Intergroup Elections

NOTE: All Intergroup positions have been filled for 2020.

Elections: You must be present at the IG Meeting to be elected to a position. Any member of S.L.A.A. is welcome to run. You do not have to be an IG Meeting Representative. Terms are for 1 year, except the ABM Delegates term which is 2 years. All Intergroup officers attend Intergroup Meetings on a monthly basis. On occasion, positions become open during their term. The same sobriety requirements are in effect, and the term runs from that time until the end of the existing term.

The following position descriptions are adapted from the Los Angeles Intergroup Service Manual, which is available for download as a PDF.

Los Angeles Intergroup Officers

Secretary (1 year sobriety):

  • Acts as chair for monthly Intergroup meetings.
  • Opens the meeting at the appointed time and calls the meeting to order.
  • Announces business that comes before the assembly.
  • States and puts to a vote all questions that come up as motions, and announces the results of each vote.
  • Expedites business and decides all questions of order.
  • Responds to inquiries of members relating to procedure or information.

Treasurer (1 year sobriety):

  • Receives group donations from each meeting.
  • Fills out paperwork for accounts (co-signers, tax docs, records and charters).
  • Balances accounts and Deposits/Transfers funds.
  • Keeps fund balances and financial records separately.
  • Pays current bills.
  • Tracks expenses via monthly spreadsheet.
  • Maintains Literature money exchange and fund.
  • Buys office and post office supplies.
  • Reimburses members for miscellaneous expenses.
  • Budgets and projects cash flow for upcoming month.
  • Presents current financial situation to each Intergroup meeting.
  • Keeps storage of archived records.

Literature Administration (1 year in program):

  • Assembles and distributes orders before, during, and after the meeting.
  • Responsible for receiving money, confirming accuracy of order, and giving change.
  • Counts and deposits money with the Treasurer, and requests checks as needed for F.W.S. orders.
  • Keeps an adequate stock of literature on hand by placing and receiving orders with F.W.S.
  • Stores up to fourteen boxes filled with literature in home or apartment.
  • Transports several heavy boxes (with dolly) to and from Intergroup meeting and sets up literature for distribution.
  • Provides a status report during Intergroup meeting.
  • Maintains a “prudent reserve” of 20 books and 20 of each pamphlet to avoid a repetition of those months in the past when literature has “run dry”.
  • (optional) May be available to members whose meetings are experiencing a “literature emergency.”

Literature Copier (1 year in program):

  • Maintains master copies of all literature that requires copying and brings needed copies to the Intergroup meeting.
  • Makes copies as needed to maintain a “prudent reserve” stock of at least 50 pamphlets. (This refers to pamphlets that are not ordered from F.W.S., but are copied “in house,” and sold at our cost of 10¢, or provided free. This requires an approximate $30 out-of-pocket monthly expense, reimbursed at Intergroup.)
  • Copies 600 Newcomer pamphlets at a time, approximately every three months. This requires a $200 out-of-pocket monthly expense, reimbursed at Intergroup. Folds and staples Newcomer pamphlets, separating into bundles of 10.

Literature Inventory and Distribution (1 year program):

  • Assembles and distributes orders before, during, and after the meeting.
  • Takes an inventory of literature stock, noting amount sold.
  • Verifies that orders received from F.W.S. are accurate, and consolidates order into existing literature stock.
  • Assembles and labels online orders (pending implementation) one day prior to the meeting.
  • Assists Literature Administration with other literature responsibilities as needed.

Bottom Line Editor (6 months in program, must be computer literate)

(Produces & distributes The Bottom Line, the S.L.A.A. Los Angeles monthly publication.)

  • Designs the layout of the current month’s publication, gathering stories, information and news items.
  • Oversees production of monthly publication to printer.
  • Updates and copies the current meeting schedule and collates with additional flyers into current Bottom Line.
  • Stuffs The Bottom Line into envelopes, prepares for mailing, mails The Bottom Line packages via Post Office.
  • Announces and accrues updated information at each Intergroup to representatives and officers.
  • Maintains interim contact with Webmaster to provide updates as needed.
  • Keeps current list of contact information for Intergroup officers.

Phone Line (3 months sobriety)

  • Return phone messages and thoroughly answer inquiries.
  • Relay any interim meeting time changes or relocations, workshop or retreat information.
  • Maintain acceptable outgoing message.

ABM Delegates & Alternates (10 months sobriety at time of ABM, 2 year term)

(NOTE: FWS permits 1 delegate for every 5 meetings.)

  • Currently 4 Delegate Positions, 2 Alternate Positions.
  • Staggered terms, 2 Delegates and 1 Alternate elected each year.
  • Attends and represents the Los Angeles SLAA Fellowship at the Annual Business Meeting (ABM) in July.
  • Serves on at least one Conference level (International) committees.
  • Serves as liaison between Intergroup representatives and officers and the Annual Business Meeting.

Journal Representative (6 months sobriety)

  • Create, copy and distribute flyers for the Journal, SLAA’s “Meeting in Print”, a bimonthly publication
  • Pitch meetings and individuals to increase Journal Subscriptions.
  • Encourages members to contribute their stories for submission to the Journal.
  • Reports progress of subscriptions to Intergroup representatives and officers.

Webmaster (6 months in program, must have web development knowledge)

  • Updates and maintains Los Angeles SLAA website and Los Angeles SLAA email addresses.
  • Posts Intergroup meeting notes on website when received from Record Keeper.
  • Posts quarterly expense reports when received from Intergroup Treasurer.
  • Posts new Bottom Line newsletter when received from Bottom Line editor.
  • Posts and updates current meeting list – both on website and PDF version, when notified via email, or at meetings
  • Updates Journal Question-Of-The-Day when received from Journal editor.
  • Posts and updates information on SLAA events, committees, ABC/ABM documents, service opportunities, SLAA literature, etc.
  • Responds to and/or redirects website and email inquiries to the appropriate people.
  • Maintains backup of website for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Periodically checks website for broken links and other errors.
  • Maintains channels of communication with other SLAA websites, as appropriate.
  • Provides a status report during Intergroup meetings.
  • Performs other duties, as needed.

Record Keeper (3 months sobriety)

  • Keeps the minutes at each of the Intergroup meetings and reads them at following Intergroup.

Mail Clerk (6 months in program)

  • Picks up mail at P.O. Box and delivers to monthly Intergroup meeting.

Los Angeles Intergroup Committees

Retreats and Workshops Liaison (no time requirement)

  • Announces information and distributes flyers about upcoming workshops and retreats at monthly Intergroup meeting.

Jails & Treatment Centers (J & T) Committee

  • Organizes outreach efforts to local jails, prisons, hospitals, and treatment centers. Meets monthly, after Intergroup Meeting (usually 2nd Sunday) at 2:00 PM

Audio Library Committee

  • Researching Speaker Recordings which could be added to the S.L.A.A. Website for download

F.W.S. Conference Committee Conduits:

(not voting positions:)

Conference Literature Committee Conduit

  • Announces information and distributes flyers about CLC activities at monthly Intergroup meeting.

Conference Sponsorship Committee Conduit

  • Announces information and distributes flyers about CTC activities at monthly Intergroup meeting.

Conference Steps, Traditions and Concepts Committee Conduit

  • Announces information CSTCC activities at monthly Intergroup meeting.

Conference Translation Committee Conduit

  • Announces information and distributes flyers about CTC activities at monthly Intergroup meeting.