The 12 & 12 Book Project

The Twelve and Twelve Book Project Needs your Experience, Strength and Hope. If you are a member who is well versed in the Steps and Traditions, S.L.A.A. needs your help. We need you to write about your experience with Steps 7 through 12 and the Traditions.

As you may be aware, S.L.A.A. is actively working on creating a book with the tentative title “The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of S.L.A.A.” We have received hundreds of sharing sheets from throughout the Fellowship.

“Sharing sheets” are short writings (from a paragraph to two or three pages) discussing a Step or a Tradition as understood and experienced by members suffering and recovering from our addiction. Our goal is to have at least twenty sharing sheets on each of the Steps and Traditions. So far, we are doing far better in gathering sharing sheets on the early Steps than we are on the later Steps and the Traditions.

We are requesting the assistance of those members of our Fellowship who have been in recovery and around meetings of both groups and intergroups long enough to understand the dynamics of the later Steps and all of the Traditions as they work for the recovering Sex and Love Addict. Please take the time to write your experience and understanding of at least a couple of these Steps and Traditions (particularly the Traditions), and submit your sharing sheets through the SLAA website.

Sharing Sheet submission page:

Volunteer to write or review material for the project. Fill out this form and ask your Intergroup Representative to bring it to the next Intergroup meeting.